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Diapers and More A division of Sabra Enterprises, Ltd.


Diapers & More

Baby diapers, Adult diapers & Feminine pads
Wholesale adult diapers by bale. Wholesale baby diapers by bale, feminine pads by the pound, feminine pads by bale

With more than 30 years expertise in the baby diapers, adult diapers Incontinent import and export diaper business, we know diapers and how to source out the best price and supply lines for your business! We now offer Adult Diapers by the bale and boxed adult diaper seconds. Special buys on Feminine care products by the bale. Our expirence in the adult and baby incontinent wholesale bale market translates into savings with the lowest cost and most efficient service to you, our baby diaper, adult diaper and feminine napkins available for import, export container load bulk and by the bale.

Baby diapers, adult diapers are sold in case packs by the pallet, bales, and container load. We are experts in baby diapers, adult diapers and feminine care products for import and export container laods around the world, no port is out of reach. Diapers & More also offers factory close outs on all our adult and baby diaper incontinent products and diapers with our special discount baby diaper and adult diaper pricing. 

Baby diaper, Adult diaper Special Close Outs in retail bags of baby diapers for even more diaper savings. Baby diaper seconds, diaper bales at special wholesale discounts request our fax-back for wholesale specials on our diaper bales and diaper seconds.

Diapers & More offers you the best cost savings for our baby diapers, designed to increase your diaper profit lines!

Diapers and More
A division of Sabra Enterprises, Ltd.

Office 503-228-6888adult diapers2204 NW Roosevelt diaper seconds
Portland, OR 97210baby diapers, incontinent products

Baby diapers, Adult Diapers, Feminine Pads
Truck Load price diaper orders $5,000.00 Minimum.

Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers. Special pricing on pallet orders available - call us! baby diapers adult diapers chux Incontinent

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